Keeping account books

We keep and present data to our client in a way that facilitates making decisions that are key for the business.

Using specialized software, we are able to draw up periodic reports (cost and expenses analysis, financial indicators with comments, calculation of the break-even point for the entire company, as well as specific areas of its operation), which help in making appropriate, accurate decisions regarding the administration of the company.

Our services include the following tasks in particular:

  • development of an accounting policy ( chart of accounts),
  • filing accounting documents in the book-keeping system according to the accounting policy adopted,
  • keeping accounting logs which are a reflection of economic operations,
  • keeping VAT registers,
  • keeping analytical files of fixed assets,
  • keeping analytical files of settlements,
  • preparation of turnover and balance statements. 

We prepare and send declarations, forms, and other informational and reporting documents that are mandatory based on law in effect, which can be kept based on information resulting from the accounting records kept, including:

  • information about monthly advances on income tax from legal persons,
  • information about monthly advances on income tax from economic activity conducted by legal persons,
  • tax declarations from goods and serves, as well as summarizing information,
  • keeping GUS declarations
  • keeping NBP declarations,
  • settling with NDPRF (PFRON),
  • enumeration of product fees or charges for pollution,

On the basis of agreements with the Client, we prepare informational and reporting documents for administrative purposes:

  • balance and account of profits and losses,
  • administrative reports according to the individual specifications of the Client,
  • statements for financial analysis, characterizing the effectiveness of a given criterium of a division of income and costs (i.e. branches, institutions, representatives),
  • budgeting income and costs and the status of the budget,
  • reporting the implementation of the budget.

At the end of each financial year, we perform tasks which are essential in closing account books and we prepare statements and other informational and reporting documents according to the law in force, among which can be named:

  • financial reports covering balance, account of profits and losses, a statement of changes in equity capital, reports of money flow, additional information,
  • yearly income tax declaration from legal persons,
  • reports for CSO (GUS) and NBP,
  • inventory while verifying balance of settlement accounts and verifying nominal accounts,
  • supervision of inventory of elements of assets and liabilities and settling their outcomes,
  • keeping other yearly reports required by law or specified by our client. 



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