Wage documentation of employees

We aim to keep wage documentation in accordance with legal provisions, and to prepare monthly tax settlements and settlements with SII (ZUS). Data that comes from pay records makes it possible to prepare management reports, which serve to make decisions that have an effect on the functioning of the client’s enterprise.

The pay record service includes the following tasks:

  • settling employees’ timesheets, with special regard to not-exceeding the statutory limit of working time,
  • keeping payrolls: calculating remuneration for people employed on the basis of employment contracts, resolutions, and civil law agreements,
  • calculating public law obligations connected with remuneration and preparing settlement ISS (ZUS) and National Rehabilitation Fund for the Disabled (PFRON),
  • drawing up accounting information in the form of collective payrolls, lists of remuneration, and civil law agreements, taking into account the management informatics needs set with the client,
  • drawing up obligatory declarations and information. 



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