Tax reliefs and tax deductions

We provide consultancy as to the correct utilization of reliefs and subsidies, in particular regarding the proper settlement of funds recieved from the European Union, as well as the proper settlement of economic activity within Special Economic Zones.

Settlement of reliefs and subsidies includes competent preparation of relevant procedures which guarantee that they are settled in accordance with the law, as well as inspection procedures regarding their proper utilization. Discrete accountancy files for this purpose should guarantee that taxes incurred are documented with the correct analytical framework and a correct allocation of costs.

We help with preparation of payment applications and preparation of periodic and final project status statements. Signing a co-financing agreement is only the first step toward actually receiving assistance measures; equally important is their correct settlement, thus avoiding rejection of the payment application in part or in whole. We help develop procedures that aid the project: financial control procedures, document circulation systems, audit procedures. We provide assistance during the inspection process for aid given by inspection bodies. 



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