Assessment of companies, assessment of shares

Auditors’ participation in assessing enterprises and interests, and support based not only on forecasts but also on the deep analysis of accounting data, enhance the accuracy and reliability of the assessments.

This facilitates negotiations and investment decision making. Our analyses of the feasibility of investment projects make it possible to really rely on credible estimates.

We conduct assessments of enterprises/companies or their organized parts, shares, or stocks, as well as particular elements like fixed assets or intangible assets, such as a trade mark or client portfolio.

The scope of the analysis is adjusted to the purpose for which it is carried out. We carry out assessments for purposes of:

  • buy/sell transactions – change of owner,
  • transformations and reorganizations of activity,
  • mergers and takeovers,
  • economic disputes,
  • requirements of balance sheet law,
  • tax purposes.

In accordance with the needs of our Client and the aim of the assessment, methods of assessment include:

  • income generation valuation,
  • financial,
    • of net assets,
    • of adjusted net assets, including those from cooperation with property appraisers,
  • comparative– market multipliers,
  • market.

Clients recieve a report containing the results of the assessment and recommendations.



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