Capital transactions

We offer our clients comprehensive service in the processes of mergers, divisions, and other forms of reorganization and restructurization of economic entities.

In particular, our services include assistance in preparation for or assessment of plans for mergers, divisions, and transformations, and determining share/stock exchange ratios, as well as consultancy regarding determining the accounting and tax results of such transactions, such as:

  • creating entities,
  • merging companies,
  • division of companies,
  • mergers and takeovers,
  • transformation of the legal form of entity,
  • restructurization of enterprises,
  • settling contributions.

In carrying out our services, we conduct a detailed analysis of particular transactions containing demonstrations of tax consequences and the cost of their realization.

We propose to plan an appropriate structure for the transaction: one which is aimed at increasing its tax effectiveness and eliminating or restricting possible risks. We present procedures connected with transformation, division, merger, takeover, disposal (acquisition) of an enterprise or an organized part of an enterprise, and establishment of a new entity, together with a schedule of corresponding activities. We also assist our clients in recognizing transformations, divisions, mergers, and takeovers in accounting books.


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