Tax settlements from abroad

The main aim of our services regarding settlement of foreign persons is to help fulfill obligations imposed on both foreign persons themselves, who are earning income in Poland, as well as on entities making such benefit payments for foreign persons, in particular in situations in which those entities act as remitter.

We not only offer help regarding the correct and reliable fulfillment of tax obligations of remitters and the taxpayers themselves, but also use our knowledge to build structures which guarantee tax optimization, taking into account all risks connected with accepting the proposed solutions.

Depending on our Clients’ expectations, we:

  • prepare written tax opinions,
  • calculate the amount of tax due,
  • prepare all essential tax declarations,
  • prepare explanatory notes for tax agencies,
  • help in contacting tax agencies.

Settlements carried out within a year include:

  • comprehensive salary, tax, and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) consultancy,
  • setting a place of tax residence for a foreigner,
  • an analysis of the employment contract in order to determine the amount of receivables in Poland,
  • submitting an identification form in order to receive a NIP (Tax Identification Number) and update requests,
  • calculating the advance tax for a given month,
  • analyzing the actual state of affairs with regard to the existence or lack of responsibility to pay social security,
  • applying and registering, as well as entering changes in workers’, employees’, and remitters’ data with SII,
  • calculating the monthly social insurance tax, filling in and sending the declaration for a given month.

We prepare yearly tax settlements, taking into account:

  • income from an employment relationship or revenue from personally-conducted activity earned in Poland and abroad, taking into account tax relief and exemptions,
  • income from capital,
  • income related to the turnover of property,
  • joint tax settlements (with spouse or for a single parent).



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