Court procedures – power of attorney

If a taxpayer receives a final tax decision which is executable and issued by a body of higher instance (the Treasury Chamber), the taxpayer has the possibility of appealing it to the appropriate Regional Administrative Court.

We provide effective help in this area, taking advantage of our knowledge of substantive tax law and procedural law.

Our appeals of administrative decisions regarding tax obligations are constructed in such a way that they precisely indicate all negligence committed by inspection agencies in determining the current state of affairs or violations of procedural regulations connected with that. In substantive terms, final decisions are based on a rigorous analysis of the law in effect with proper use of the extensive court rulings.

We recommend the following in particular from this area of our activity:

  • representation before lower court,
  • preparation of appeals of decisions and rulings of tax agencies to voivodeship administrative courts,
  • appearing as a proxy before voivodeship administrative courts,
  • appealing sentences,
  • representing clients in proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court.



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