Audits of financial statements

The purpose of audits is for the auditor to convey a written opinion along with a report confirming if the financial statement is correct and if it reliably and clearly presents the capital and financial situation as well as the financial result of the audited unit.

Thanks to our audits, the Board can improve its financial administration and administer risk more safely, as we base every audit on our acute knowledge and familiarity with the unit and the environment in which it works. This type of approach ensures that we find the most optimal and effective solutions, and results in accuracy and comprehensiveness of the audit, and, consequently, the Client’s satisfaction.

We present the results of the audit to the board, the supervisory council, as well as the owner and even the employees in the financial-accounting department. We convey internal control recommendations regarding observations about efficiency of cooperation of various departments from the financial-accounting department as well as efficiency of the supervision processes.


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