Account offices for small taxpayers

In the structure of our company, there is also place for services for small economic entities. 

We do accounting for these entities with the same seriousness and commitment as for bigger ones. This is why we are in a position to lead them towards effective development; ensuring them the choice of the proper form of taxation for them, providing quick and complete information of the economic activity conducted, as well as ensuring the security of settling with the national budget. We begin our cooperation from the choice of the most advantageous form of taxation.

We propose the following services to small taxpayers:

  • choice of a taxation form,
  • keeping records of revenues and expenditures,
  • making lump-sum payments,
  • keeping tax cards,
  • keeping files and tax settlements from goods and services,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and files of equipment,
  • making CSO (GUS) reports.

From our tax records keeping services, we can name the following activities:

  • keeping and storing tax documentation and records,
  • supervision of deadlines, limits, and factors with an effect on the gain or loss of the right to a given form of taxation,
  • keeping files of fixed assets and files of equipment,
  • calculating advances on income tax and control of the correctness of their payment,
  • making tax declarations,
  • making yearly tax returns.

We provide comprehensive tax records keeping services for tax from goods and services, including:

  • keeping and storing purchase and sales registers,
  • current verification of the correctness of issued and received VAT invoices,
  • keeping declarations and summary information,
  • declaration, activation, and registration of the entity as a active VAT tax  and VAT-UE tax payer.

We also provide all accounts of enterprises with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), among which we can name, for example:

  • declaration, activation, and unregistration from  SII,
  • drawing up SII declarations,
  • preparing remittances to SII.

We also take responsibility for correct settlement of employees and preparation of documents and files connected with hiring employees required by law, that is:

  • conducting personnel matters of the employees,
  • conducting payment matters of the employees,
  • settling domestic and foreign business trips.



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