Accounting consultancy

We help our Clients interpret the regulations of the law on accounting and the International Financial Reporting Standards.

We also help in the analysis of economic events from the perspective of their correct representation in accounting books and financial statements. We especially recommend following accounting consultancy services, including:

  • supervision of book-keeping,
  • development of accounting organization procedures,
  • development of an accounting policy (chart of accounts),
  • keeping accounts of money flow,
  • introduction of control and systems of administrative information,
  • accounting consultancy regarding Special Economic Zones,
  • developing documentation regarding settling funds received from the EU,
  • developing internal control procedures,

At our Client’s request, we conduct reviews and analyses of existing financial-accounting procedures for their compliance with the appropriate regulations, finished with written studies indicating the actual status. We determine the applicable regulations for a given issue, and we indicate potential areas of discrepancy and make recommendations for their elimination.



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