Creating business plans

The aim of our service is to determine the cost effectiveness of a planned investment venture. The assessment is based on a developed business plan, in which we present the financial aspect on the basis of a net discounted cash flow model.

It can be complemented by additional market analyses, an outline of market strategy, and a basic assessment of the profitability of the activity.

The scope of the project is customized. It is most often made up of the following elements:

  • an assessment of the current situation of the company (financial, product, market situation),
  • a description of the investment venture,
  • collection of the full set of data essential for creating a cash flow model, as well as other information essential for the venture (market environment – legal restrictions, competition, potential clients),
  • building a business plan and a financial model,
  • an assessment of the effectiveness of the project,
  • a sensitivity analysis,
  • drawing up recommendations.

As a result of our work, the client receives a report in the form of a business plan that contains financial simulations, complemented by assumptions, a sensitivity analysis, and an assessment of the company’s investment venture.



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