Participation in other tax cases

Depending on the needs and expectations of our clients, we either exclusively prepare documents during procedures, or provide comprehensive representation during the entire procedure, before higher and lower bodies, as well as before administrative courts.

The following activities can be mentioned as examples from the rest those activities that protect the rights of taxpayers in tax cases:

  • we prepare appeals of tax decisions,
  • we prepare appeals for voivodeship administrative courts,
  • we prepare appeals of decisions for the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • we take part in procedures for the recovery of overpaid taxes,
  • we prepare applications for the apportionment of tax obligations into installments,
  • we conduct procedures before the Finance Minister regarding getting binding tax interpretations,
  • we prepare appeals for administrative courts for improper interpretation of tax law in individual cases,
  • we advise on fiscal criminal procedures,
  • we represent taxpayers in execution proceedings,
  • we organize trainings and workshops that prepare the taxpayer to take part in fiscal control or tax proceedings.



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