Special Economic Zones – tax consultancy

Locating activity in Special Economic Zones is a very attractive undertaking for many entities, due to their very large income tax relief and property tax relief.

The law in effect in this sphere is, however, exceptionally unclear, as it was formulated vaguely and without taking the economic specifics of the global capitalist market into consideration.

We have extensive practical experience in serving enterprises operating in SEZs, and for this reason we can effectively help these enterprises settle with the national budget and to correctly apply balance sheet law. We offer full supervision, which includes the follwing actions that can be mentioned in particular:

  • settling investments made in SEZs, including determining the amount of costs that qualify for tax exemption,
  • allocation of specific income and costs of a unit to zone activity (exempt) or extra-zone (taxed), accordingly,
  • establishing the accurate amount of available exemption for operation within an SEZ in specific settlement periods,
  • monitoring changes in tax regulations concerning SEZs and their effect on activity.




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