Settling with PFRON

Entities employing above an established limit of employees are affected by the Act on Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, which imposes an obligation of calculating and paying adequate benefits to the PFRON fund.

Employers who conduct economic activity and fulfill conditions named in the Act can obtain the status of supported employment enterprise.

The work we do that is connected to tasks regarding the National Rehabilitation Fund for the Disabled (PFRON), could include:

  • determining the reporting obligation connected to the National Rehabilitation Fund for the Disabled,
  • calculating obligations to the Fund connected with the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, 
  • drawing up declarations or information in the required electronic form, for monthly or yearly periods,
  • help with accounting and tax services for supported employement enterprises and vocational rehabilitation facilities,
  • settling subsidies from PFRON.




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