Settling with the Social Insurance Institution

Obligations to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) are covered by provisions of the Tax Ordinance Act, and in this connection, arrears in this area are penalized, as they are unpaid obligations to the national budget.

In accordance with the preceding, it is important that entities correctly define the amount of these obligations, which because of the complicated legal provisions that govern this area, is often not easy. For this reason, it is convenient for enterprises to transfer this area of obligations to a specialized entity.

Our services of documentation and settlement with the Social Insurance Institution include, in particular, the following tasks which result from the law in force:

  • determining the obligation to SII (ZUS) insurance and determining the correct basis for insuring employees,
  • application and registration, as well as recording changes in employee, contractor, and payer data in SII (ZUS), 
  • calculating the public law obligations connected with remunerations and civil law agreements, as well as preparing SII (ZUS) settlement declarations,
  • keeping employee allowance files, as well as determining the correct amount of payable allowances and defining a limit,
  • keeping required ZUS documentation during and after cessation of employment.



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