Proprietary fraud audit

A proprietary audit is carried out for the prevention and detection of economic fraud, administrative risk, adherence to balance laws, finances, the correctness of organization and administration.

We have experience in carrying out similar projects, also for the needs of justice administration. We can also take into account actions from the following areas: taxes, commercial law, civil law, labor law, and other areas – in accordance with the subject of the undergoing audit.

The aim of the audit is to carry out analytical procedures, as well as other actions, within the client’s organization, which are aiming at:

  • determining if suspected irregularities took place,
  • defining the level of losses incurred by the Client’s organization,
  • identifying the events which caused or led to the irregularities happening,
  • describing the chance of recovering the losses incurred by the Client,
  • presenting recommendations regarding the possibility of avoiding similar events in teh future,
  • preparing a report which can be the basis for undertaking further actions, especially undertaking legal actions.



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