Optimization of financial liquidity

The solutions we propose allow for proper administration of the tax situation of every entity, as well as the avoidance (minimalization) of potential tax risks.

In particular, the suggested solutions make it possible for our clients to achieve measurable tax benefits in the form of greater financial liquidity.  Our services include, in particular:

  • analysis of the possibility of reclaiming overpaid tax,
  • development of a tax-beneficial policy of managing bad debts,
  • adapting future refunds of excess input tax over output to the projected financial situation of a given entity,
  • analysis of the possibility of a fast VAT refund,
  • analysis of the benefits connected with a change in the way VAT is settled (monthly or quarterly),
  • analysis of the possibilities connected with deferment of recognition of VAT obligations,
  • developing an effective policy of managing costs considered costs of income acquisition (in particular accelerated recognition of costs),
  • analysis of situations in which it is possible to defer recognition of revenue for income tax purposes,
  • analysis of the obligation to collect withholding tax when paying (including interest, royalties, dividends) for non-residents.



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We base our activity on administrative court rulings. The Central Database of Administrative Court Rulings is published on the NSA (Supreme Administrative Court of Poland) webpage NSA.